Great Infrastructure with Great Quality Control

At Green Village Agros, we boast about best quality infrastructure and top-class facilities. Here, we consider rice farming as an art and take acute care of it. Our single minded endeavour has always been incessantly to make better the art of farming, procuring and storing, next to this, processing and packing of rice. Each stage is vital in the production and thus, we ensure that our infrastructure supports us throughout for achieving our goal of excellence.

We know that adequacy in resources is the key to make a connoisseur satisfied. Contract farming is also done for anticipated yields to make our product internationally competitive and to make continuous flow of reckless supply of Basmati rice of the desired quality at a reasonable cost to our valuable customers globally. Milling plant has the production capacity of 200MT per day which is 70,000 MTs of paddy per year. Paddy is purchased in bulk keeping with the buyer’s contracts and milling practices. The packing capacity is 200000 MTs of fine rice per annum with fully automated packing machines.

Understanding the aromatic and unique nature of Basmati rice, we make sure special care and attention is given at every stage. Basmati is no doubt India’s speciality but we make it more extraordinary in our own approach and modus operandi.

Our concern starts from the very day we grow paddy. It is done with a strict monitoring and surveillance that nothing is left unnoticed. At the initial stage when paddy is grown the soil is made ready accordingly. The second step of cleaning and separating paddy is also done with utmost care. Eventually, completely sanitized product is catered to national as well as international customers.

Infrastructure Facilities

We have established a sound and sophisticated infrastructure facility, which spreads across an area of 49700 sq. meters. Our unit is partitioned into several sections so as to carry out Storing, Cleaning, Drying, De-husking, Bran-removal, Polishing, Sorting & Packing activities in a streamlined manner. We have a complete line of automated plants, thus the final rice is free from any type of hard touch and it is thus, fully hygienic and of finest quality.

We use the best-in-class technology and make sure that all updates are made timely as per the need of the hour. Our specialized Research & Development team undertakes a lot of efforts to research and obtain the world-class technology and tries to come up with as many innovative methods as possible to succeed in the long run.

Paddy Procurement

The first and most critical step towards total quality management is procurement of paddy because milled rice will be best if the paddy procured is of best quality. We have a proficient team and optimum machines to test and grade the harvest for moisture content, high rice yield, percentage of broken and admixtures, the length and breadth of grain. Only paddy that conforms to the modern quality standards is sent for storage and processing.


We have the following sophisticated machines to mill the procured paddy in the finest way –

Drying Plant

Unique and fully automatic online sensor based temperature controlled gradual drying system ensures consistent uniform drying of paddy without breaking the delicate rice grain. The process mitigates any scope of fermentation and bacterial/fungal/infections. Simultaneously, it preserves its natural aroma.

Parboiling Plant

The process of parboiling uses processed soft water obtained from RO plant. The plant has specially-designed soaking bins with sensor based sophisticated controllers for water temperature. The process is far superior than the conventional methods in terms of mitigating development of unwanted smell and ensures hygienic processing of the grain, preserving its fragrance and aroma during the processing. The requirements of soft water for parboiling process are met by an integrated RO plant.

Milling Plant

Vertical abrasive polisher and high capacity water-jet polish ensures production of smooth & silky rice. The state-of-the-art milling plants made up of the latest technology from Satake has got the online inflow and outflow mechanisms, which are fully computerized with the help of sensors. The plants are equipped with a number of pre cleaners, de-stoners for removal of foreign particles.

Aspirated Rice Huskers

These high capacity huskers offer high performance and unmatched capability for removing husk from paddy rice. Its unique feeding mechanism gives it the ability to dehusk rice at a greater capacity than conventional huskers while breaking lesser rice grains during the process.

Paddy Separators

This unit removes paddy from brown rice at capacities and efficiencies that are unmatched in the industry. Its three adjustable position discharge system is coupled with adjustable separating tray angle which allows flexibility in producing pure brown rice and paddy products


The requirement of high capacity size is met by Plano-Shifters, which ensures uniform grading.

Length Graders

To segregate rice grains of different sizes, GVA has high capacity graders which ensures online uniform grading at a comparatively higher speed.

Vertical Abrasive Polisher

The high capacity abrasive whitener offers unmatched efficiency of milling with regard to power saving. Its low milling pressure helps in the maximization of head rice yield. Its ability to function efficiently on both low and hard milling applications makes it an ideal “first break” milling machine.

Colour Sorters

Optical sorting machines are used for operational flexibility and they define the shade of colour of the grain, as well as the size of offending spot. Its computer based monitoring system allows online tracking. The series of color sorters and multi sorters ensure that the rice is free from foreign material, dust, damaged, discoloured and unwanted grains.

Packing Machines

Fully automatic packing machines are used to pack the rice into various packs ranging from 1kg to 50kgs in jute fabric, plastic pouches etc.

In-house quality checks as per international standards are carried out at every stage of the process, be it procurement, processing, packaging, marketing or shipment. GVA has one of the most sophisticated quality control laboratory, where the best paddy is determined with the help of advanced paddy testers.

Testing Facilities: Comprehensive inspection & testing precede purchase of paddy lots, Samples are drawn from paddy and tests are performed after processing in Mini-mills to confirm yield.

Moisture Meter: To Check the moisture of paddy and rice.

Vernier Caliper: The grain length is measured with it.

Kett Meter: To test the whiteness of the rice.

The rice is cooked by our expert Lab Consultants to check the quality, elongation, aroma etc. of rice before final packaging.

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