Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain excellence in quality and to cater finest rice. There is an intense competition in the market and we have complete knowledge of market trends. Due to that our standards of quality are always set so high that, we incessantly explore specializations in an unprecedented way. We visualized the dream to make our organization global and with persistent efforts, we have been able to achieve a respectable reputation in the global market. We are also resolute to cater eminence in quality of rice and to offer incredible Basmati to every nook and corner of the country as well as in the global boundaries.

Green Village Agros. has a great vision in mind and is still flying upwards as we believe in putting a great toil and smart approach for achieving the goals. Going global on the basis of quality monitoring and continuous ardent efforts is not a child’s play. We still are thriving to achieve our goals and are highly motivated and passionate to go through the thorny path of competition. We are inspired by our road map and we follow it strictly at every step of our business operation. We believe that patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success and we will continue to believe in the same.

Why Choose Us?

Excellent Service

We believe in providing excellent service to all our customers and with our continuous efforts to improve the excellence standards, we strive for a Win-Win situation for both the customers and us


Basmati is unique is many ways. Some of its unique features include the length. The length of cooked Basmati rice is at least 2.5 times the pre-cooked length. 


Basmati is a harmonious combination of 200 chemicals and due to that it emits a specific aroma everywhere be it the fields, stage of harvesting, in storage, during milling or cooking and eating. 

Customers First

We believe that a Satisfied customer is the first source of advertisement and if we don’t satisfy our customers someone else will. Thus, we put customers first.

Our Main Services

At Green Village Agros, we boast about best quality infrastructure and top-class facilities. Here, we consider rice farming as an art and take acute care of it. Our single minded endeavour has always been incessantly to make better the art of farming, procuring and storing, next to this, processing and packing of rice. Each stage is vital in the production and thus, we ensure that our infrastructure supports us throughout for achieving our goal of excellence. 


Work with Us

Understanding the aromatic and unique nature of Basmati rice, we make sure special care and attention is given at every stage. Basmati is no doubt India’s speciality but we make it more extraordinary in our own approach and modus operandi.

Infrastructure Facilities

We have established a sound and sophisticated infrastructure facility, which spreads across an area of 49700 sq. meters. Our unit is partitioned into several sections so as to carry out Storing, Cleaning, Drying, De-husking, Bran-removal, Polishing, Sorting & Packing activities in a streamlined manner. We have a complete line of automated plants, thus the final rice is free from any type of hard touch and it is thus, fully hygienic and of finest quality.

Testing Facilities

Comprehensive inspection & testing precede purchase of paddy lots. Samples are drawn from paddy lots and tests are performed after processing in Mini-mills to confirm yield.

Technical Facilities

We believe that it takes months to find a customer and just some seconds to lose one and thus, we provide the facility of connecting with you 24-7 either through our website or social media. We make sure that no queries are unanswered.

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